Who is singer estelle dating

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“This album is split into these four themes, and every song fits into one of these themes.This is a real body of work, just like when you do an art piece, or when you have all these awesome images on your Instagram.This song is a part of a whole statement on what it means to be in a real relationship, on your terms.It represents ownership and embracing all of yourself as a human, plus good sex is always necessary," says Estelle.You want people to see the full you.” When Estelle first burst onto the scene in 2008 with the #1 hit song “American Boy” featuring Kanye West, she quickly became an R&B sweetheart.

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I never want to be in that space again,” she shares.“Don’t ever give up on yourself, when everyone has told you that you’re done, when everyone around you feels like you’re not living up to their standards, don’t let it stop you from moving ahead,” Estelle advises.It’s what she needed to hear when things weren’t going so well in her own situation.Another passionate track is the soulful-sounding “Silly Girls,” produced by the Justice League.Estelle slows down the pace here to give listeners a real sense of her vulnerability as a woman.

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