Who tom sandoval dating

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Tom Sandoval is a reality star and a musician born on July 7, 1983, in St.Louis, Missouri and stands at the height of 5' 11''.And I think maybe the idea of adopting when we're much older might be something he's into. " Before Sandoval and Ariana were in a relationship, Sandoval was dating Kristen Doutes, who is another actress on the show Vanderpump Rules.But their relationship was moving on a rocky road and eventually, Sandoval cheated on her with Ariana.I just have so many ideas, and I just think that it would be such a great creative outlet." However, Vanderpump fans may get disheartened that the couple does not seem to be exchanging vows right away, but instead, they are adding more time to their marriage.In March 2017, Ariana revealed they have other huge plans besides the wedding, "But, honestly, I love him.Although it was just a funny on-screen dare, they kept the gay inquiries on the rise.During another interview with WWHL, Sandoval was asked 'if you wanna go gay with one other male cast member on Vanderpump, who would you go gay with?

On March 2017, Ariana revealed The Daily Dish that they wish to buy a house soon, "I've been wanting to buy a house for so long that I think that when I'm finally a homeowner, I will feel a sense of relief, in a way.While many celebrities are being speculated to be a gay just for them not revealing about their relationship status, there is someone who has been giving the media, content on his own. Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz worked together on Vanderpump Rules reality TV series.Vanderpump Rules star and musician, Tom Sandoval, despite being in a committed relationship, has been fueling the rumors of him being a gay through his own statement and actions. They became close friends, and they seem to have a lot of fun together.But there is something more to their friendship that has ignited the gay rumors for them.Some of their intentional on-screen actions speak for themselves.

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