Women dating douche bags

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" This idea gets drilled into the young child's head and eventually becomes a normal way of thinking.

So this in time becomes the douchebag theory; all the girls will go for the guys that treat them like crap because it is what they are taught to do.

You remember liking talking to him a lot in school, but he never asked you out, and you never paid him much attention in that department.

Now, he says, "You know I had a crush on you in school." You think, no, I did not know that.

My profile shows I am looking for men who are at least 40, and that I am not looking for a casual fling. I loved your profile and I would love to know more,’ that is plenty. Junior High wrote:“[You’re] just sort of brow beating strangers who should, but don’t, know any better.

Or ‘Hi, you’re beautiful.’Or ‘Hey you.’Or ‘I’m John. ’Pretty much anything that doesn’t invoke intercourse, mention my reproductive abilities, or seem like a cut and paste novel will prompt me to check out a guy’s profile. The next comments, from a man I’ve known since middle school, took this exaggerated accusation even farther into the Bizarro world in which men are allowed to say whatever they damn please to women, while women are expected to take it like a — what? It makes me wonder personally if nice guys like me don’t get responses because they’re ALL being looked at as humor. C’maan), rather that [your] attitude is Us vs Them.

A partner in the most comprehensive sense of that word.You know…”When I recently took this screenshot of one particularly offensive message, along with my response, and posted it on Facebook for “friends” only, one of my male friends responded with the following:“This guy is making a valid point that got lost in all the other ‘stuff’…I’ve met many people who claim they want a truly healthy relationship with someone with whom they can share their life with, and end up meeting all sorts of really great people who they end up writing off and dismissing because in reality [no one could] live up to and embody what some are looking for.”The man who sent the message above knowingly composed an introduction to a 42-year-old woman, which is all he needed to know to formulate an approach intended to prey upon what he assumed would be my worst fears — that my time is running out, my looks are fading and my reproductive possibilities dwindling — in order to scare me into a date with him as a possible last baby-making, love providing resource.From now on, I am not going to tell any child that someone tormenting them really just "likes" them and doesn't know how to show it.When someone treats you nicely, then maybe they like you or they just have good manners.

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