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They might not come with fancy attachments but are great if all you are looking for is penetration.Touching, rubbing, fondling and even attaching clamps or suction to the nipples can all be very exciting.I’m constantly discovering that my colleagues don’t know what our company’s pumping space is for.

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Again there is a lot of choice for g-spot vibrators, however glass dildos, are great as they hold the lubricant and can be used hot or cold depending on your mood.

A week or two before my parental leave was over, I called my pediatrician to ask how to pump. In the beginning, the logistics of pumping completely overwhelmed anything else related to the process.

It’s slightly embarrassing now — I’m not quite sure why I didn’t just ask a friend or the internet? Now, when I look back, I’m both horrified and proud at how much I pumped.

Whereas I can only stave off mastitis — that’s an INFECTED BOOB, and it hurts like hell — in this one private, designated location. In the very beginning, I didn’t seem to be producing enough milk.

My daughter was hungry all the time and we grew really alarmed when she seemed too tired to even cry.

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